Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Friday links (on Tuesday)

See all Friday links. I’ve had a pretty busy week and next week will be away in Namibia so there won’t be any posts for a while. Hopefully, there will be some interesting observations when I get back!

1/ The triumph and terror of free markets. Only 8 of the top 25 firms in 1999 remain there in 2009. It’s things like this that make me an evil capitalist. Far from running the show big business often doesn’t stay big for long – only firms that serve the people survive. Try starting a firm that tries to sell things people don’t want.

2/ Can you put a price on being nice? I love the fact that the economic toolbox goes everywhere.

3/ Probability of an economist’s advice paying off. Pretty low…

4/ Chris Blattman muses on whether aid could slow growth.

5/ UNPEDO – The workings of a UN agency in Ghana. See first blog and then the second blog.

6/ The Population of the Dead (via Chart Port).

7/ An interactive map showing the impact of a 4 degrees increase in planetary temperature.

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