Monday, May 16, 2011

Pay to go to a sporting event you don't watch

You know how it is - you pay loads of hard earned cash to buy a ticket to go to a football match and then you deliberately stand with your back to the game. And why not? Everyone does it, right?

I watched the FA Cup final over the weekend. Manchester City beat Stoke 1-0. I'd noticed it before and thought is was totally strange. City fans like to 'do the Poznan' which involves, well, not watching the match. It is one of the most strange memes I've seen so far - up there with the concept of a god. Another very strange meme currently doing the rounds is 'planking'. I mean seriously, why? I write in the last blog about some other strange memes.

It is amazing how easily we are influenced to do dumb things...

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  1. Now that you mentioned Poznan I got to respond. I thought that do the Poznan started when Man City fans decided not to watch the match during a 3:1 trashing of City in Poznan(Poznan is btw 100km from my house). But no it seems that this is one of the few thinks that was exported from Poland to UK - going to a football match and ... not watching it. Uuu I see a lot of export potential ...