Sunday, May 15, 2011

Strauss-Kahn arrested for 'sex crime'

Different angles from:

The Economist "No he kahn't" - yes very clever. But a very good summary of everything including the previous internal IMF investigation of an inappropriate relationship.

The BBC A summary

The New York Times "IMF chief's arrest throws French politics into disarray"

The Washington Post "IMF head arrested in alleged sex assault"

Financial Times "IMF head faces attempted rape charge"

Libération "Anne Sinclair 'ne croit pas une seule seconde aux accusations' portées contre son mari" (Anne Sinclair - Strauss-Kahn's wife - 'does not believe for a single second in the accusations' against her husband"

Le Monde "Une inculpation qui assombrit l'avenir politique de Strauss-Kahn" (A charge which will darken the political future of Strauss-Kahn)

Les Echos "Strauss-Kahn nie tous les faits et plaidera non coupable" (Strauss-Kahn denies everything and will plead not guilty)

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