Sunday, June 19, 2011

'The founding fathers rejected Darwin's theory of evolution' versus sensible clergy

I want to laugh, but I suspect that too many people will believe it - and that is probably why this man misled people. Apparently the American founding fathers rejected Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

In in more rational news, happily US Muslim clergy have put their name to a letter stating that evolution is compatible with their beliefs. They join 13,000 Christian clerics, 500 rabbis and 250 Unitarian-Universalist clerics.

That is nice - happy to have you on board. At the same time, it is more so your religion doesn't look stupid than for science. I remember at university that it was the Islamic Society that put on the most anti-evolutionary displays and talks. Whilst it is useful to have religious folks giving their blessing to the truth, scientists should probably be careful not solicit or desire it since it validates religions' rights to rubber stamp scientific evidence - which gets closer to explaining reality than any religion has ever managed, and, frankly, the truth doesn't need people in weird cloths with weird voodoo claims to give the nod to any discovery or approve any evidence.

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