Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Friday links

1/ Financial advisers are paid a lot of money to ask people two basic questions: How much of your current salary will you need in retirement? What is your risk attitude on a seven-point scale. Not only are these questions actually easy to answer and the resulting trade-offs easy to manage, but the questions are actually the wrong ones to ask.

2/ Alabama's dangerous anti-immigration law.

3/ The dangerous psychology of factory farming.

4/ The 60w light bulb finally dies in Europe. Yay!

5/ Smartphone apps that can save fuel.

6/ Are South Africa politicians more likely to respond to constituents whose names imply they belong to the same ethnic group as themselves?

7/ Raising atheists. Then they can go on a national register like the one for sex offenders. (Ha. Please proudly add me to the register). Or use the below advice to ensure your child does not become an atheist.

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