Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Should government subsidies business class travelers?

I noticed that in Dulles Airport there is a special channel that 'Premium travelers' can go through to get their passports/ID checked and pass through security clearance. The queues are shorter and you make it through quicker. But something doesn't feel right about it to me. Those people checking your passports and doing security are acting on behalf of the state and it is presumably the state that is ultimately paying their salaries. Put another way, you are paying extra taxes or receiving fewer public goods so that business class categories can speed their way through to the gate. 

It would seem 'fairer' to me if the airlines contribute towards the salaries of these employees. After all, this is the government paying for part of the service which the airlines offer business travelers. Right?

Perhaps airlines already pay more tax for 'premium travelers' through the price of the ticket, in which case, maybe this is justified. Or perhaps it could even be justified as a social good. The value of the time of 'premium travelers' is very high and some of this goes to society as a whole. Therefore, the use of tax-payer money could be justified. That sort of 'feels' wrong, but I could be convinced on an intellectual level.

Either way, I thought it was an interesting observation.

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