Friday, December 23, 2011

More Latin American Imperialism

As people and countries become wealthier they can afford to reveal their true underlying identity. That can be restraint and friendliness or it can be bullying. In a truly imperialistic fashion, Cristina Fernandez has managed to convince her Mercosur neighbours that they should not allow boats that fly the Falklands flag to dock. Her toddler-like attitude is a bit like Britain's silly stance during the Cod Wars - except that Britain never intended to colonise Iceland. She feels that islands of under 5,000 people are taking the resources of her mighty country and is crying over it. According to her, this some how makes it a 'global cause'.  

It is indeed a global cause. She is suggesting her large country has the right to bully previously uninhabited (by humans) islands of under 5,000 inhabitants into becoming a part of her country. This should concern everyone. Thankfully the British Government is slightly more mature and believes that people have the right to decide who rules them and so will not just hand them over. Rather it says that any discussions must include Falkland Islanders themselves. Cristina Fernandez seems to feel she has the right to destroy their livelihoods and treat them as pawns in a game - probably to distract from a series of disastrous economic policies she overseen. 

For some reason, Cristina Fernandez seems to think that Falklanders do deserve to be treated like pawns because they do not have indigenous rights. This is an interesting idea coming from the President of a country which is about 85% of European descent and who are not therefore indigenous. In addition, Argentina was, unlike the Falklands, inhabited by humans when her own ancestors colonised it. That surely gives Falklanders as much, if not more, claim over Argentina, than Argentina has over the Falklands. 

The Falkland Islanders deserve protection from Argentina's imperialism unless they decide otherwise. It looks like those two aircraft carriers might be needed to defend innocent people after all. Perhaps they should be paid for by cutting aid for Argentina and other countries which are choosing to support its disgraceful stance. After all, if governments are choosing to put effort into destroying other peoples' lives rather than improve lives in their own country, maybe donor resources could also be better used.

HERE is my last blog about it.

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