Saturday, January 28, 2012

Who is more colonial?

Country 1: human populated then about 500 years ago foreigners came lured by nice things like silver, farmland, natural human spreading, curiosity, as well as wanting to impose their religion on the natives. The foreigners dominated the natives and most died (disease, hunger) or were killed. All were treated badly. About 250 years later the colonisers decided they were the victims (partly true but rather exagerated) of their mother country and fought for and won their independence. Today about 85% of the country has its ethnic origins from the 'settlers' and under 2% from the original population.

Country 2: Uninhabited islands. Then about 500 years ago a few kerfuffles started over them. Eventually about 200 years ago a bunch of farmers settled there and stayed there to this day. There are now about 3500 people, most of which have origins with the original settlers. They have a small town and basically run themselves although they are nominally controlled by the government of the country they came from. They are strongly supportive of and happy with this set up. The only problem is that there is a big country next door (well, about 300km across the water) with about 40 million people. They feel that because it is 'close' to them, they should own it. They did invade it once but thankfully the 'home country' of the islanders came to the rescue. Now the big country is making threatening noises again - saying they want to take them over. They are trying to make life difficult for the islanders, taking away their livelihoods by blocking ports for their boats and encouraging other countries to do the same. That country is country 1.

Let's give these two countries names: Country 1, we will call the the Silver Country, or perhaps, Argentina. Country 2, we will call the Falkland Islands. Just for fun.

HERE is what a letter might look like to the Falkland Islanders if the UK Government decides to sell them out.

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